8 Devi armsIndia Dance Wales offers large scale touring productions, smaller scale professional performances and community performances. The company is highly respected throughout the UK for its innovative, accessible and enchanting productions. Our performances range from pure classical Bharatanatyam with Carnatic music (South Indian Classical) to those combining different art forms and as well as cross-cultural themes.

Since its foundation, India Dance Wales has enthralled audiences and made its mark as the leaders of classical Indian Dance in Wales.

Please email admin@indiadancewales.com if you are interested in a specially choreographed performance or a past production.


Short Performances & Demonstrations

We can offer a range of short professional performances/demonstrations suitable for schools, corporate events and community events, including fairs and festivals.

Our performances are:

  • Tailored to suit your requirements and budget
  • Performed by a solo dancer or group, according to your specification
  • Performed with live musicians or recorded music

Please contact India Dance Wales for further information.

Please contact us admin@indiadancewales.com for more details if you are an event organiser or venue manager.

Professional Touring Productions

Currently available for bookings!

India Dance Wales & the classical art dance style of BharatanatyamNayika

Through the traditional and colourful Indian dance of Bharatanatyam, discover age-old stories of classical heroines. With lovers anguish and fiery feuds, these timeless stories are just as relatable now as when they were first depicted in India thousands of years ago.

Classical Bharatanatyam Recitals

Classical Bharatanatyam Recitals 

India Dance Wales is known for high quality presentation of Classical recitals.

  • Can be adapted to fit all venues 
  • Can be based on specific themes
  • Can feature specially composed live pieces or recorded music

Past Productions

Colours of Life

This unique touring production premiered in autumn 2009. With musicians and dancers from India, 'Colours of Life' fuse together Bharatanatyam dance, Carnatic music and Hindi lyrics to produce a powerful spectacle, exploring the various stages of Life.

Colours of Life is inspired by the writings of Indian mystic and spiritual teacher, Osho. A professor of philosophy, he travelled India in the 1960s as a public speaker. His controversial teachings emphasise the importance of self-awareness, love, celebration, creativity and humour and have had a notable impact on Western New Age thought.

This performance offers a thought provoking outlook on modern life. Dynamic movements, exciting rhythms and techniques of expression based on the classical Indian Dance style ‘Bharatanatyam’ are presented with an innovative and fresh combination of Carnatic (South Indian Classical) music and elements of classical Western music.

The spectator has the rare opportunity to see their 'mirror image' reflected through the expressions and movements of the dancers, blended with musical and visual delights. This touches our senses at each stage of life's journey; culminating in a moving performance.

‘Colours of Life' is an unforgettable experience; crossing cultural boundaries making the familiar and the unfamiliar accessible to all.

“This production, though based on the south Indian Bharata Natyam style, encompasses original choreography as well as balletic and modem dance movements. The result is a commendable synthesis very much in sync with the current international dance discourse.” Reginald Massey, Dance Critic for Dancing Times

fuse together Bharatanatyam dance, Carnatic music and Hindi lyrics

India Dance Wales Dance at CARAD 21st March 2009


Dance Variations

A breathtaking combination of Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi and folk dancing, Dance Variations explores the powerful world of mythology and bringing gods to life.

10 GunghatShakuntala

The legend of ‘Shakuntala’ dates back to pre Mahabharata period in India and was compiled into a form of a play by Kalidasa, a renowned Sanskrit poet and writer (circa 400 AD). The play was the first Indian drama to be translated into a Western language, by Sir William Jones in 1789. In the next 100 hundred years, there were at least 46 translations in twelve European languages.

This beautiful heartwarming love story of Shakuntala and Dushyanta comes to life with music, dance and drama.

15 EREvoking Rasa

A combination of classical dance and storytelling with modern visual techniques developed in collaboration with BBC Wales.


Princess CerebralKalidasa

An authentic classical performance inspired by Kalidasa, the most outstanding writer of classical Sanskrit.


 14 Natya Kala 1Natya Kala

The harmonisation of classical Indian dance and Western classical music.

16 tempest4Tempest

An exploration of two classics: Shakespeare and Bharatanatyam.

puranicPuranic Visions

Ultra Violet imagery depicting the never-ending cycle of creation from the Puranas.

kaligKalighat Icons

A collaboration with the National Museum and Gallery of Wales based on Kalighat paintings.

serv031Mahabharata Mabinogion

Combines with Indian 'Mahabharata' and the Welsh legends from the Mabinogion.